Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Spring Favorites...!

I was just posting some great items to my Ruby Lane shop, and thought I'd also let you know about them!  This first one is a gorgeous vintage rose print by Jean Baptiste Robie, who is famous for his renderings of old roses.  It's a lovely study in a wood and gesso rose barbola frame.

This next one is by the artist, Charles Chaplin (French), and is entitled May Flowers.  The little flower girl with her basket is just darling.  I love how she gazes directly into your eyes.  This one's from the 1880's, an engraving.

And of course, a lovely study of lilacs by the brother of the Victorian artist Paul de Longpre.  Raoul de Longpre's studies almost always include his signature lilacs, and this one is captivating.

Mother's Day is coming soon, so click on this link below to view items in my Ruby Lane shop.  Looking for something??? Please ask!