Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh yeah, you found the right place!


Oh my! The internet is sure a great source for antiques, now that most of the antique malls are closing. Works for me, as I can sit home and browse on my computer, sitting in my jammies having a cup of java. I can "drive" all over the U.S. without ever leaving home. Yep, it's definitely a plus, and I'm all over it. With 30 years of antique-ing in my veins, I can spot a treasure from across the room, and have a brain chock full of experience that serves me well. Well now, you'll have to visit my Ruby Lane shop for oodles of the oldies in fine paintings and prints. If you're looking for great old art but can't afford the oldies, then cruise on over to my Ebay website for awesome reproductions. Summer is finally on the way here in the Pacific Northwest, and I'm usually out gardening or fly fishing in my leisure hours. Genealogy is another hobby of mine, and I do enjoy the thrill of the hunt for those old family records. I guess that's how I got started on my book, "The Life & Art of Paul de Longpre". Stay tuned...more info to come!