Sunday, January 23, 2011

Redecorating with Affordable Rose and Flower Prints!

Ah, Spring is on the horizon, and what better time to redecorate those walls! Everyone appreciates "eye candy" in luscious, spectacular colors, not to mention how renewed we feel when in sync with Spring. Here's a great way to redecorate at low cost. And don't forget...these affordable, reproduction prints can also be used for scrapbook accents, decoupage, and other crafting projects!

I'm sure you all have oodles of oh-so-gorgeous frames that took you years to find, a.k.a., the never-ending scavenger hunt spent scouring antique swap meets and flea markets. Unfortunately, exposing those prized possessions on your walls to UV sunlight over the years causes fading, and they just don't have the ooh-la-la rich color hues we so desire. Do you find yourself secretly wishing you could replace those faded prints for NOT a lot of cash??? Well now, hop on over to our Etsy store, "Pink Rose Lady" (click on the link above), and check out our affordable rose prints! Most prints you'll find are taken from 100-year old chromolithographs, as well as old paintings. They are a wonderful, low-cost alternative for redecorating. Just pop out the old faded print you've got there, and insert a fresh new one. Many of our prints easily fit a standard size 11 x 14 inch frame. Better yet, get out the scissors and trim them down, letting just the image area fill the frame for a dramatic effect.

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