Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring is on It's Way!

Ah, the arrival of Spring! It's not long off, and to celebrate and renew your vigor, try decorating with some of our inexpensive reproduction prints. They are all made from the 1890 oldie's, and are quite affordable. You can find them on our Etsy site by clicking this link: Lilacs are always a favorite, and this basket of overturned lilacs by Paul de Longpre is gorgeous! Another vertical study by Catherine Klein is below.Violets were always a Victorian favorite, and of course, they symbolized the virtue of "Faithfulness". Their tender sentiment makes them all the more endearing. The potted violets are by Paul de Longpre, and the vase of violets with the ribbon is by Mary Hart, sometimes known as "the violet artist". She painted several yard long violet prints, and most of her studies are indeed violets. Alice Chittenden also favored violets, and here is one of her paintings in a slightly more wispy Impressionist style.