Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oh Those Spring Flowers!

Lilacs are some of my all-time favorites. After all, who can resist their sweet perfume? They have such a delicate scent, and are exquisite in vases.  My favorites are the deep purple blooms, but again, the creamy white flowers are also quite beautiful.  Check out this early print by F. Shauns.  The lilacs are just magnificent, and the artwork superb!

Another sweet Victorian print has lilacs around a cartouche, or open blank area.  The opening could be used for advertisements, or better yet, the Victorians added their favorite cabinet cards. Whatever your favorite flower, there is surely one in each month of the year to delight the senses.

The Victorians also had a huge love of social norms and convections.  Goodness, if you didn't follow the guidelines, you were shun from society, and probably wouldn't make a good marriage match! There are many books on these laws of etiquette, and here are a few in my Ruby Lane shop right now:
They are a hoot to read, and quite the coffee table conversation piece.  And, they are delightful gift for Mother's Day and birthdays, or better yet, treat yourself!  You can find all these items in my Ruby Lane antique website shop: