Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh Those Sweet Antique Bird Books!

This grand, oversized, antique book is entitled "Songs of Bird Life" and is fully illustrated with full-page engravings by the famous avian illustrator, Hector Giacomelli. He was very well known for his sweet bird drawings, and the 18 inside this book are captivating.

The book details the life of birds, from nesting, birth, first flight, and more. The illustrations are really quite remarkable, beautifully executed with superb artwork details. Inside there are endearing plates with baby birds nesting, snuggled in their nest, newly-hatched, as well as other baby birds begging for food and discovering their environment. Opposite each engraving is another page with a floral cartouche, and inside is prose about bird life. The dark green cover has silvered embellishments depicting flying birds chasing a butterfly.

This hardbound book has beveled cloth boards, about 55-60 pages, and 18 full page engravings. It dates to 1885, and is quite large at 9.25 x 12 inches. The boards show minimal wear, as is customary for a piece this old, and the inside is very clean, without writing or foxing, with a Campagna art label on the front flyleaf. This book has gilt-tipped pages. I'm limited to how many photos I can show on Ruby Lane, so please ask for more photos. There is a plate of birds chasing a butterfly, just like the cover image. A fine and special gift for Mother's Day and birthdays. Do visit our shop for other wonderful antique books, and yes, book layaways are available. Scroll down for more views of the fine engravings inside. You can find this book via this link: www.rubylane.com/shop/victorianroseprints